Review: X Burger by Taim Al Falasi

On Wednesday, January 31st, Emirati social media influencer and restaurateur Taim Al Falasi opened her new casual eatery, X Burger,  in Dubai’s Jumeirah Street. X Burger originally opened in Abu Dhabi, and following its success, Al Falasi opened her second branch in Dubai. The menu consists of fast food and quick bites with a twist; pasta, burgers, fries, and chicken are among the main dishes. I visited this restaurant twice already, and it is unlike the other casual eatery spots that can be found all around the city of Dubai.

Food: 7/10 |  I ordered a few of the items Taim Al Falasi highly advertises on her Instagram and Snapchat accounts: the Cheese Fries, Cheetos Amreki (mac n’ cheese), Chicbae (chicken tenders), the $K$ Pops (beef pops), and the Classico (cheeseburger). The Cheetos Amreki and Chicbae were my favorite. As for the rest of the food,  it felt a little too heavy and cheesy (especially the fries, they were soaked!). The drinks were refreshing, I had the non-alcoholic watermelon mojito.

Service: 6/10 | The standards of service wasn’t the best as the restaurant newly opened and the staff is still undertrained. Our orders were taken 10 to 15 minutes after we sat down and it took a long time until we were served the food. The staff were not readily available anytime we needed to order something. Also, when we ordered the bill, we got the wrong one at first. Taim Al Falasi, the owner, was present both times I visited the restaurant and was very friendly and helpful; she was clearing the tables and helping out her staff, which I found very admirable.

Location: 10/10 | The location of the restaurant is superb! It is located alongside other restaurants, cafes, and eateries in Jumeirah Street. It is such a popular street, but I always manage to find strategically-located parking spots. The street is located near all the major attractions of Dubai and within close proximity to Downtown, City Walk, La Mer, and other spots. Therefore, I have no negative comment regarding the location.

Price: 9/10 | The price of our food and drinks was reasonable. We paid a total of 140 Dhs for our food, which is the average price two people would pay at such casual eateries in Dubai. It is a budget-friendly restaurant since one person would pay approximately 60/70 Dhs for a meal and a drink.

Overall: 7.5/10 | Overall, the food was okay, and so was the service; however, the atmosphere, location and price make it a nice casual eatery to experience. If you are a fan of creative and new takes on foods, such as;  fries, burgers, and other bites, make sure you stop by and give X Burger a try, which is located at Umm Suqeim in Jumeirah Street. You can find their menu items pictured on their Instagram account.


Photo by Reem Krimly.



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