The 2016 International Night Comes to an End

The yearly International Night that is hosted by the Student Government Association has finally come to an end. The competition was quite high this year, with some clubs like the Armenian club presenting their culture for the first time on AUD campus, they made sure that they start strong.

The night started with the booth judging, new special interest clubs such as the Animal Welfare club and the Environmental Club showcased their works and had some games in the booth, moving on to the cultural clubs, the participating clubs were the following: Saudi, Afghan, Japanese, Egyptian, Indian, Pakistani, Russian Speakers, Azerbaijan, Jordanian, Palestinian, Kazakhstan, Armenian, Syrian and Finally, Iraqi.

Most of the clubs offered their own food to the visitors, as well as a burger food truck and a pizza cone one that were on campus.

The event was sponsored by Emirates Airlines, which had a booth of their own and provided a lucky draw to win 2 tickets to Barcelona, Spain.
There were also a lot of other prizes to be won such as iPads and movie tickets, those prizes were provided by AUD itself.

Later on the actual performances started, the first one was a singing session that was not judged by the jury, then the Lebanese club struck as with a great performance with the theme of tolerance, next came AUD’s only musical club, Jamnation, who performed nicely and got themselves an award by the end of the night as the best non-cultural club performance.

The Palestinian club came next and dazzled the crowd with a very authentic style Dabke performance, following them was the Russian Speakers Club that performed a dance that represented different countries and cultures that speak Russian, the performance wowed the audience and got them lot of cheering.

Next in line was the Armenian club who performed for the first time on the AUD campus, the crowd was amazed as it was the first time that the AUD community was introduced to their culture.

The Vibe Club, who performed next, danced out to three styles of dance and gave out their full energy on stage, while entertaining the audience.

As for the African club, they performed an astonishing war scene following it was a celebratory dance with very catchy music that got the audience on their feet and cheering for them.

The Pakistani Club, infused the air with the romantic vibes of their delicate dancing, while the next club, which was the Syrian, got the crowd in tears as they talked about the situation in Syria following it with a great cultural Dabke.

Next came the Egyptians, with a comical theme much like the Night in the Museum movie, where the Egyptian pharaohs are statues that come to life at night, the performance was fun and energetic.

As for the Indian club, they performed an incredibly synced show, and had so much energy and life in their dance, the crowd was definitely amazed.

The moment of truth came and the winners were the following, for the cultural clubs booths, 3rd place was the African club, 2nd place was shared by the Afghan club and the Palestinian club, and the first one went to the Russian Speakers club.

As for the performances, the 3rd place was won by the African, the 2nd was the Egyptians and the First went to the Indian club.

The night that was hosted by Aya and Hala ended with the lucky prize draw that the AUD students had participated in.


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