Sin Tax…

Soft drinks, energy drinks, and cigarettes are double priced from now on. On October 1, UAE applied the tax ruled called, “sin tax,” on such unhealthy products sold all over places in Emirates in order to help people buy healthier stuff, which are considered cheaper. The normal prices of these products will be as twice, which caused people to buy from them excessively before the rule is practiced. 50% tax is added on less harmful goods, and 100% tax are added on more unsafe products.

“50% is added on soft drinks, and 100% is added on energy drinks and cigarettes,” Said Fatima Al Hajj, marketing student at the American University in Dubai. “But I wonder, is the 100% tax also added on hookahs or is it just on normal cigarettes?”

The UAE government said they are banning these products for health reasons. Mostly, people buy from these products more than healthy and supportive food and drinks. Like its said, “the forbidden is desirable,” people unconsciously tend to satisfy themselves more with these types of products. In addition to always being desirable, these products are sometimes addictive and that what adds to people’s craving for them.

Afterward, people reacted differently to this decree, and how many of their lives will vary. Some publics will agree to that decision and use its advantage, but other will not be in favor of this rule and will verge to pay money for them. Besides to being satisfying, addiction could make people do the prevented.

“Actually it is a good idea to stop people from harming themselves,” Said Mona Ali, an Egyptian mother of 4. “At least it is a way I can use to forbid it on my children.”

“If you stick to the energy drinks’ regulations written on the back of each can, you won’t be affected negatively,” Farida Abdul-Aziz, a 17 years old school student. “I don’t find that the resolution could benefit in any way.”

Moreover, 6 million cans of Red Bulls were sold world widely throughout 2016 although sales were increased from 2015 to 2016 by 1.8 %, but still people continue to buy it continually. Likewise, smokers increase by 3.4% every year all around the world.

“Smoking is addictive!” Said Moataz Ali, an adult of 25 years. “I will continue buying cigarettes even if it is doubled, but I may purchase it less often.”

Finally, soft drinks, energy drinks, and cigarettes are valued higher using October 1’s resolution about “sin tax.” Some individuals will agree with the rule and others will protest against it. Let us see who wins!


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