SGA Pool Party Leaves a Splash of a Mess

15 OCT, 2017

AUD students leave a considerable mess after the annual SGA pool party last Thursday due to laziness, according to security senior supervisor.

“It takes a maximum of one hour of clean up,” said Mohammed, the security senior supervisor who refused to give his last name.

This is the event’s second year. SGA typically hosts the party by the beginning of the fall semester to introduce freshmen to the university in an exciting way.

Still, anyone from the university can attend. Around a hundred students attended this year.

“With the help of the AUD security team and the custodians, we are able to organise our parties,” said Ahmed Raslan, the SGA public relations officer.

“After the party, there is usually a company that comes and removes their equipment and then the custodians clean right away,” Raslan continued.

Two vehicles came to the scene after the party to clean up; a pick-up truck and a large SUV. Several men were packing equipment and removing the trash. Even then, the pool was still littered with inflatable float toys and water guns.

In addition, empty pizza boxes and juice cups were strewn around. According to the Litter. It Costs You organisation, the most common object found during litter clean-up is fast food litter.

However, Mohammed claimed that the mess of smaller parties like the pool party is not a problem, especially when compared with other larger events.

“The problem is with an event like international night, because when its big, the students get lazy and don’t clean up after themselves,” he said. “Also, cleaners have a lot of work during corporate games.

The games are hosted during a weekend in university during springtime and hundreds, or thousands, of people come in when you have hundreds or even thousands of people come in to represent their corporation in a series of friendly competition.

Furthermore, a study done in Tennessee proved that most people who would deliberately litter are those between 18-34 years old.

“I don’t really think about littering in university events,” Hamed Saleh, a sophomore at AUD, said.

Other students disagree.

“Littering is a pet peeve of mine… AUD events are no exception,” said Laveezah Khan, an AUD junior who attended the pool party. “If I see [my friends] littering, I will tell them off… Or I’ll do it myself,” she added.

At any rate, AUD events are hosted for the students.

“We never ask the students to clean after themselves. Our main goal is to make the students happy,” Raslan concluded.


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