AUD Knights Vs the Arab University World

Last weekend the AUD Knights payed a visit to Lebanon, Beirut and competed against various Universities in the region as well as the Lebanese Community team.

The knights prepared themselves through rigorous training for weeks on end and performed in sports such as volleyball, basketball, swimming, and soccer.

“I saw almost every AUD team compete in Beirut, and the AUD Knights girls’ soccer team made it to the semifinals,” said Mariam Alem, the swimming team leader.

AUD knights were “born to lead,” and they certainly did lead in the soccer fields and the basketball courts. They took AUD’s name up the leadership board in their competitions against the fellow Universities.

Every year, AUD makes an event called “club sign up,” where students sign up for any club he/she wants. In this event, AUD sports inspire students to sign up for their favorite sport, and once they sign up, students meet with their respective teams and practice with them for future competitions. On the other hand, events like Beirut, motivate and inspire the AUD teams to improve themselves.

“I reaally like AUD because the campus was so amazing and AUD have good team spirit. They watched every game for each sport and they were cheering all the time,” said Tala Ramhamdan, a player on the volleyball team.

Opportunities like these always help build teamwork and develops comradery among the team members. The experience of spending time together in another country increases the love between each member, and makes them perform better during matches. In other words, the teammates are more passionate about the game as they want to win the game for the team.

Tala Ramhamdani also mentioned, “I liked spending time with my teammates.”

Beirut’s trip was not only for competitions, but also for tourism, exploring new places, and meeting new people. Could Beirut’s trip be even better?!


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