Committed to exploring new means of education, 23-year-old, Shammi Kapoor has risen above conventional medication to revolutionize new solutions.

Born in London, Shammi Kapoor was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, and Depression; nevertheless, the turning point of Kapoor’s life is when he realized his dependency on his medication.

“ It felt fake at that time, we saw a great improvement in the way I could function, however, I would be sitting in a cold room and constantly sweating for no reason, and that would be the time where I would make the blood pressure monitors break”

He added “I was staying with my cousin in London, and one day I woke up and went to work with him but I forgot to take my medication,” Kapoor said, “that’s when I realized I couldn’t function without it and it was just like the old me, where I couldn’t process anything.”

As a result, when Kapoor returned to Dubai, he confronted his doctor and decided to enroll into a brain-training facility.

“I had complete faith in brain-training, I wanted to change myself and help others eventually,” said Kapoor, “But when I told my doctor that he started laughing at me and he told me to be realistic”

The process was the biggest challenge, and Shammi fought through layers of withdrawal symptoms when he left his medication.

“The withdrawal symptoms were worse than anything you have ever read about,” said Shammi, “ The perfect way to describe it would be skitsofrenic, I couldn’t tell the difference between a dream or the reality”

Fighting amongst stereotypes and scientific methods, Shammi decided to take a step forward. The obligation to obtain a high school diploma didn’t make any improvement on his health.

“I’m fully for education, but I believe there are different forms of obtaining knowledge,” said Shammi, “Don’t just be an A* student with a bad attitude, why to learn things that aren’t relevant in your life?”

He added, “I joined a few programs and I started to do things I couldn’t before,” said Shammi “I couldn’t even read 2 years ago.”

The facility’s approach was highly influential on thousands of students, producing far-fetched results.

“When I was at my brain-training program, the American government investigated the founder because the results were unbelievable,” said Shammi proudly.

“After surveying eighteen thousand people and observing control groups, the numbers showed a fifteen percent increase in intelligence quotient levels”

Following his tremendous journey, Mr.Kapoor has started his own foundation in June 2016 called “Brain Abilitiez” located in Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, to help young minds that go through the same process.

“I want to help change as many lives as possible, and offer a permanent solution to any problem they might have”

Encouraging others through his journey, Shammi was inspired by our very own Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

“The first book I read was Flashes of Thought by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. I would read it at night, and instead, I would just wake up because I was so motivated”

From unrealistic expectations to life-changing results, this is not the end of Shammi Kapoor’s story.

“The stronger, the better, the abler your brain is, the easier life is”


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