Safe Driving in Dubai’s Foggy Weather

Forty-four vehicles crashed on Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Road (Abu Dhabi – Dubai road) on Tuesday, February 6th. The accident occurred due to the heavy fog conditions that covered parts of the Emirates last week.

In 2017, nearly 525 deaths were recorded in the UAE due to road accidents, 230 occurred as a result of speeding, stated the Chairman of the Federal Traffic Councillor of Dubai, Mohammed Saif Al Zafeen.

Suhair Al Zahaby, a producer at Sky News Arabia, who lives in Dubai and works in Abu Dhabi, takes the route nearly three time a week. Al Zahaby was thankfully not involved in the incident, as it was her day off from work. She states that “the fog isn’t a rare occurrence, I had to take that highway covered in fog many times before.”

To reduce the amount of accidents occuring, she suggested that drivers should be more cautious. Judging by the videos uploaded online, “the drivers who got in the accidents weren’t driving as slow as they should have,” Al Zahaby said.

A student at the American University in Dubai, Maha Moussa, whose family frequently uses the route, had the same comment in regards to the accident, stating that “if the drivers were more cautious last Tuesday, it would have been a minor accident. People should be more serious when driving.”

Abu Dhabi Police stated that two of the twenty-two victims were seriously injured and the remaining faced minor injuries.

As the temperature in the UAE may continue to drop in the next few months, it is important to ensure your safety before heading to work or university!

Check out the tips below to ensure safe driving in the fog:

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